Thursday, March 22, 2012

How do we calculate the area of rectangles and triangles?

Area- The total amount of units inside of a figure / shape.

When trying to solve the area of a triangle and a rectangle theres a formula to each shape.
Formula of a Triangle: 

Formula of a Rectangle:
Example #1:                                                                                    
Find the area of a triangle with base of 5in. and the height of  8in. 

        A= ½b × h
     A=½ (5) × (8)
     A= ½ × 40
     A= 20 in²

 Example #2:
Find the area of a rectangle with a base of 2cm. and height of 9cm.
    A= b × h
    A= (2)×(9)
    A= 18 cm²

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